January Marketplace sale: over 2,000 products—now 50% off

January 18, 2024
From rustic log houses and fully equipped science labs to animated wood pigeons and motorbike rider interactions, January’s Marketplace sale has something for everyone; there’s even a virtual TV studio. 

You can choose from over 2,000 Marketplace products for a whopping 50% off, including environments, plugins, props, characters, sounds, music, Blueprints, and more.

We hope you find something great!
Moldering furniture, dingy lighting, archaic devices…it’s enough to give you goosebumps. This carefully crafted atmospheric environment comes complete with modular walls, highly detailed props, particle effects, and a slew of Blueprints that make it easy to do things like build piles of books and dial numbers on the phone.
Conjure up some medieval magic with this pack of low-poly assets designed for creating interiors with more than a little mysterious ambiance. Optimized for Windows, iOS, and Android, the pack contains more than 100 hand-painted assets, including modular walls, floor, and ceiling; pillars, stairs, and windows; and a wide range of furniture and props.
There’s something about this package that just makes us want to run around wreaking havoc. That’s, of course, before we discover how to open the doors and disable the laser fence to escape. What will you build with these 70+ great low-poly modular structures and accompanying Blueprint? They’re perfect for RTS, RPG, tactical, and arcade sci-fi games.
Looking for a feathered friend? This realistic wood pigeon comes complete with four LODs, six 4K PBR textures, and no less than 34 different animations, including a few that don’t end well for him, poor old chap! Among these, you can get him walking, eating, taking off, flying, getting hit, and even dancing. That’s one coo-cool pigeon.
This highly-rated Blueprint-based project that will help you build interactions between your character and your game’s transportation components. Shoebill supports both first-person and third-person views and includes the motorbike asset, character and vehicle animations, sounds, lights, and realistic physics—everything your players need to feel like they’re really on the road.
And we’re live! This virtual studio is the perfect backdrop for your live or in-game broadcast, with three areas for presenters and a clock that displays system time or can be manually adjusted. The set is fully optimized and capable of rendering at 70 fps or faster with ray tracing (RTX 3060) or at over 200 fps without.
No mad science here—this looks like the real deal when it comes to state-of-the-art laboratories. With 31 high-quality objects, there’s everything from analytical balancers to vortex mixers and centrifuges, not to mention your everyday test tubes, microscopes, and flasks. Plus, two clever Blueprints make things even more interesting.
Looking to get away from it all? This charming village log house could be just the ticket. Crafted in intricate detail, the 91 unique meshes and 133 textures in this modular pack encompass everything you need to create a small village, complete with interior and landscape elements and four different building styles. 
Getting away from it all is fine, but some people like to take things to extremes. This pack is ready to provide refuge for your most intrepid explorers, with a highly customizable walk-in tent, sleeping bags, survival equipment, cooking gear, and more. Loaded with useful Blueprints, the pack also offers material-based wind and rain shaders to provide a little inclement weather.
That’s it for now, and as always, remember to act quickly. The discounts end on January 24 at 9:59 AM EST. 

Happy shopping!

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