Introduction to C++

By Lauren Ridge

In these videos, we start from a C++ template, and start adding in new features to create the beginnings of a sample game! We end up with a main character that is losing power every frame and has to collect batteries to charge back up before the game ends. From the first compile to the communication between classes, hopefully this gives you more insight into working with code in Unreal Engine 4. We also go over how to expose gameplay functionality written in C++ to Blueprints, and how this enables programmers and designers to collaborate during game creation.

Check out the overview below for a sneak peek at the final product!

The whole video series is here.

This is definitely an open-ended tutorial, and I’d love to see what everyone takes off and runs with! There are extra Blueprint nodes ready to use, and I never say exactly what winning is. If you create an awesome add-on to this tutorial, post it in the forums! Also, stop by the forums if you have any questions or comments, and check out the wiki pages for this playlist for notes as the engine grows and changes.

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