Introducing the Project Titan collaborative art jam—register today

March 5, 2024
Want to take part in a collaborative art jam—and hone your Unreal Engine skills in the process? Sign up for Project Titan, taking place March 28 – June 7.

We’ve created a base open world landscape ready for you to fill with your own assets and  characters. You’ll have 10 weeks to contribute to the game, collaborate with others, and receive support from Epic and other games industry experts.

The final result will be released as a free open world sample project for everyone to download and explore.

Essentially, it’s a two-and-a-half-month collaborative game jam that provides a fantastic opportunity to learn and sharpen your world building game dev skills. Be part of a unique experience to create something incredible. We made the map—you’ll make it Unreal.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is excited to partner with Epic Games on Project Titan, which will introduce developers to the industry-leading tools and services they need to create the next generation of interactive and immersive games, film, art, and entertainment experiences.

Samira Bakhtiar, General Manager of Media & Entertainment, Games and Sports at AWS

Who can take part?

This challenge is open to everybody, regardless of skill level or area of expertise. It’s an experimental, collaborative, and community-driven project, intended to provide a fun learning opportunity for all.

Whether you’re a student, an experienced UE dev, or someone who’s coming across from another engine, this challenge is a great way to learn Unreal Engine, improve your skills, and show off your work.

What will you get out of it?

Project Titan offers a unique learning opportunity that will immerse you in open world game development. You’ll gain experience in working on large open world projects, setting up your own remote Unreal Engine studio, and learning how open world games are created.

The project offers the chance to work directly with Unreal Engine and game art experts, and get feedback and help throughout—ideal for anyone new to game development or looking to hone their artistic or technical skills.

It’s also an opportunity to contribute to a sample project in a fun and collaborative way, join forces with fellow artists, and make connections around the world.

And by participating in the challenge, you’ll receive a free 6-month subscription to Adobe Substance 3D Painter and Modeler, enabling you to easily create and texture 3D models for the project. Painter is the go-to tool for texturing used by beginners and seasoned professionals alike, integrating with Unreal Engine and UEFN to simplify the process of bringing high-quality 3D assets from concept to game.

How to apply (and other important information):

Here’s everything you need to know about taking part in Project Titan.
  • The project is in Unreal Engine 5.
  • The challenge is open from March 28 – June 7.
  • You can register for any or all of the following disciplines:
  • Mark your calendars for March 28—the project will kick off with an Inside Unreal Takeover livestream.
  • Every Friday from April 5 to June 7, there will be a weekly livestream providing feedback, highlighting great work from the week, and talking about development.

Register for Project Titan today

Ready to get your game jam on? Register for Project Titan.

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