Welcome to the new Unreal Engine website

March 19, 2024
You might’ve noticed our site feels a little different today. That’s because you’re on the newly-redesigned unrealengine.com. Welcome back. We’re happy you’re here.

First, let’s talk about why we made these changes. Back in 2022, we rolled out the Epic Developer Community: a place by devs, for devs to connect with other developers, create and share content, and learn how to get the most out of our tools. Our community was designed to be used by everyone—devs who’ve mastered our tools, devs just starting out, and Epic devs (yes, we hang out there too).

This site update takes our community investment to the next level, embedding the Epic Developer Community more deeply into our website and rolling out new community-focused features to make sure everyone can contribute.

Beyond the visual facelift, the big updates are happening behind the scenes. These changes are meant to help everyone more easily access our complete product ecosystem, discover learning resources, and tap into our 850,000+ member developer community.

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve done so far and what to expect in the next few months.

An accessible, developer-friendly design update

We’ve streamlined our site design and content to decrease load times, provide a better mobile experience, improve our WCAG compliance, and make it easier to do what you come here to do: download, learn, and get help with Unreal Engine. Expect to see more technical content, curated tutorials and posts from the community, plus simplified navigation to help you get where you want to be faster.
Unreal Engine 5 documentation is now part of the Epic Developer Community, with all content accessible via single search. This means tutorials, documentation, and learning content for our product ecosystem are now part of one unified database, enabling you to search for your problem and choose from all available resources to help solve it.
All the features we rolled out as part of the Epic Developer Community are now easily accessible through our primary navigation. This means you can toggle seamlessly between sections of the site with no interruption. Want to see information for another product? Click the Epic shield in the top left. Forums, Documentation, and Learning are already connected; we’ll be redesigning the rest of our product pages this year so that they look and feel just like unrealengine.com.

Streamlined look, new functionality, and improved profiles in the Epic Developer Community

We’ve also redesigned the developer community experience to better integrate it within the site. We did this to make it easier to discover the full range of developer resources we offer, from essential product information and system requirements to documentation, snippets, and community-created tutorials. At the heart of it all are the forums, where millions of developers get together to share what they’ve learned, show off what they’ve created, and answer in-depth engine questions. If you haven’t visited in awhile, come check it out. It’s free to join with an Epic account.
Community profiles also got a visual facelift, with a refreshed design and badge system that makes it easier to show off your contributions. We’re so proud of how our community helps each other out every day, and hope these new tools help ensure your engagement here is visible and recognized.

Easily develop and share your tutorials with the redesigned tutorials editor

The Epic Developer Community currently has 4,000 learning posts. But we’ve only just scratched the surface, and our community’s contributions will be absolutely essential as we try to build the best and most comprehensive learning library on the internet.
That’s why we’ve rolled out a newly redesigned, easy-to-use tutorial authoring and editing tool for everyone. This WYSIWYG editor makes authoring tutorials significantly simpler, with a new slate of components such as tables, call-outs, and to-do that provide more flexibility in how you format and structure your tutorials. This new tutorial editor is also the same tool we’ll be using internally to write all documentation in the future, so you have access to the same tools we do—with the hopes that in the future, documentation will also be a joint venture between Epic and our developer community.

Bringing it all together: planned changes this summer and beyond

The new unrealengine.com is the first step in a long-term initiative to bring together our entire suite of developer experiences. That’s why we’ll be updating the Twinmotion, MetaHuman, RealityScan, and Epic Online Services web experiences so that they’ll work seamlessly together.

We’re excited to be able to bring everyone together on our new site, and hope you find it satisfying to use. But like we do with all our products, we brought this site online so you could help us make it better. If you have any comments on the experience, suggestions for improvement, or features you’d like to see us consider for future web updates, share them with us in the forums.

Thanks for being part of this community. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

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