Innovation and UE4 at SVVR 2015

By Dana Cowley

Next week, J.J. Hoesing from Epic Games Seattle will be making the trek to Silicon Valley for the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference & Expo to give a talk, Staying on Top of VR Innovation With Unreal Engine 4, on Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:00 PM

Unreal Engine 4 has been used for many of the showcase demos used to introduce the various stages of Oculus hardware over the past few years. We'll discuss lessons learned while creating these demos, and share content optimization techniques. We'll also discuss the major VR platforms UE4 supports, and where we go from here, including input with systems such as SteamVR. 


J.J. is a VR engineer at Epic Games working on Unreal Engine 4.  He has worked on UE4 support for SteamVR, GearVR, Morpheus and Oculus.  Prior to joining Epic, J.J. worked at Snowblind Studios, Monolith, and WB Games.  He's somehow managed to work on Lord of the Rings related projects at all four studios.

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