January 4, 2019

How Kine came to be

By Tim Slager

During one of our final Unreal Engine livestreams of 2018, we sat down with indie dev Gwen Frey, to discuss her upcoming 3D puzzle game, Kine. Alongside Epic Games’ Lead Animator, Jay Hosfelt, we had the opportunity to learn what it took to create this musical masterpiece entirely in Blueprints
Over the course of the stream, Gwen explained how she took Kine from a simple side project to a fully fleshed out game, complete with a whimsical story of struggle and love. Discovering that there is more than one way to accomplish something in Unreal Engine, Gwen shared the practices she adopted to prepare her project for the limelight.

Do you like the sound of Kine? Check it out on Steam and sure to follow the Gwen and her progress on Twitter!