July 2, 2018

Grishin Robotics aims to accelerate the future with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine

By Dana Cowley

Grishin Robotics, a venture capital company focused on consumer robotics startups, is teaming up with Epic Games to drive innovation in robotics and simulation using Epic’s Unreal Engine. Grishin Robotics is looking for forward-thinking developers using Unreal Engine 4 to create innovative and time-saving applications in robotics, smart hardware and AI, industrial IoT, simulation and related fields.


As one of the world’s first funds focused exclusively on robotics, Grishin Robotics is backed by $100 million to support hardware and software companies working to automate tasks across industries. Unreal Engine, the industry-leading real-time solution, is driving efficiency in robotics development by enabling the creation of high-fidelity simulation environments for training and refinement, and by powering robot prototypes to be more interactive than ever – eliminating the time and expense of building, training and testing physical robot prototypes.

“Grishin Robotics’ partnership with Epic opens new horizons for the robotics industry and also anticipates the future integration of robots into humans’ daily lives,” said Dmitry Grishin, Founder and CEO of Grishin Robotics. “This is a highly rewarding industry that encompasses lots of risks. Our company provides knowledge and expertise as well as shields our partners from unpredictable challenges.”

“It’s inspiring to see the creative applications for Unreal Engine in robotics, as we get a glimpse of the future world and the myriad benefits of automation,” shared Marc Petit, GM for Unreal Engine Enterprise at Epic Games. “We’re glad to be partnering with Grishin Robotics to help fund groundbreaking and promising projects in this space being powered by Unreal Engine.”

Applications from qualified companies may be submitted via the Grishin Robotics website: grishinrobotics.com