Go from movies to mixed reality with free Unreal Online Learning courses

Cinematics, games, mixed reality—finish these courses and your resume is going to be looking pretty sharp. Have a gander at what December’s free Unreal Online Learning drop has to offer. 

Movie Render Queue Essentials

Want to make a movie? Learn how to render it in Unreal Engine, as you explore the fastest way to make it look amazing.

Building a Block-Based Game

Learn how to create a sandbox-style game that lets players build unique worlds with self-made blocks. 

Audio-Driven Gameplay

Add a sense, increase immersion—that’s design 101. In this course, you’ll learn to create dynamic audio moments that are sure to make any player feel even more involved.

HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality Production for Unreal Engine (new courses!)

Our HoloLens 2 learning path just got even better, to the tune of five new courses. Want to develop eye-catching mixed reality experiences? This is where to start.

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