“Getting Started With Unreal Engine: Educator’s Edition” videos—out now

If there’s no purpose, there’s no point, right? We’ve spent the last few years working with educators on everything from lesson plans to courses, so when they started teaching Unreal Engine they have what they need to be successful.

But the more we talked, we realized that they needed something even earlier in their journey. For those days when they were just starting to wrap their heads around what UE is and how to sell it to their administrators.

Today, we are debuting a new video series, Getting Started with Unreal Engine: Educator's Edition, that not only answers those questions, but provides a soft entry point for real-time beginners.

Hosted by Toronto Metropolitan University Professor, Dr. Kristopher Alexander, each installment will explore a different aspect of bringing interactive 3D into your classroom, from finding the right use case to convincing your institution to get on board. It even covers why you don’t need to be technical to teach it (which is the biggest fear for most educators).

You can watch all of the videos below, and as always, get in touch if you have ideas for content that would help you out. This is an ongoing conversation.

Video 1: Why Interactive 3D?

What does interactive 3D open up for students? How can educators make the most of it? Find out as Dr. Kristopher Alexander introduces you to the video series.

Video 2: Getting Started - It’s Easier Than You Think

Unreal Engine is so powerful, its applications feel almost limitless. So how do you ensure you’re using it in the best way for you and your class? And also, what resources are already available to you as an educator? In this video, you’ll find out.

Video 3: Barriers and How to Overcome Them

You’ve learned the basics of Unreal Engine and figured out how it fits into your classroom. Now how do you get your institution onboard with the technology? In this video we’ll guide you through some different approaches and some things to bear in mind.

Other Resources for Educators

You don’t need a PhD in computer science to use Unreal Engine in your classroom. If you can grasp the basics, then your students will really run with it. Luckily we have a ton of resources that’ll help you get started with this technology, so this process feels as easy as possible.

For instance, did you know you have free access to the Epic Developer Community, which has a ton of learning materials catering to beginners? From finding your way around during your first hour to making your first game, it’s all covered. And the best part is that pretty much every skill a student picks up can easily be applied to a host of professions/creative projects, giving them more flexibility as they start thinking about careers.

Speaking of professions, let’s say you wanted to zero in on a particular industry, our free Unreal Futures courses are tailored to specific practices. So far, students can learn about real-time fashion and advertising from leading companies like Burberry, The Fabricant, Disney, Oreo, and more. And then, they get to create a real project that serves as a valuable portfolio piece.

There are so many possibilities to consider, you just have to start. Hopefully, all these resources make it even easier. Good luck!

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