March 20, 2014

Getting Started With Starter Content

By Warren Marshall

The starter content pack is a leg up we're giving to users who just want to jump in and start making something. One of the big challenges when prototyping a game idea is getting some content together so you can start working on the game logic. Even temporary art can be time consuming to create so that's why we've included the starter content pack.

When you create a new project from a template, you will have the option to include the starter content in your project.  This will copy all of that content into your project so you have your own personal copy to use and begin prototyping your game idea quickly.

Include option

What's in the Starter Content Pack?

We've included a wide range of assets to get you going.  Everything from materials to particle effects to primitive shapes and even a few props you can use to make sure your project is set to the right scale.

Explore the folders in your new project to see what's available.

Screenshot 2

Grey Boxing

'Grey boxing' is just one of the many uses of the starter content pack. The idea is to test out your game ideas in a prototype environment where you can focus on how the game plays rather than how it looks.

We've included a selection of simple primitive shapes that you can use to try out your game ideas or level layouts.  You'll find all of these primitives in the "Shapes" folder.

Screenshot 3

Give them a try!  Drag them into the level, drag materials onto them - build something and see how quickly you can get an idea shelled out.