The Future of Samples and the Learn Tab

By Jeff Wilson

Ever since we announced the addition of the Learn tab to the Launcher, our goal has been to provide every Unreal Engine developer with high-quality example content and associated learning resources that show how to use the engine to the fullest extent. When making games, you learn and improve your skills over time. Well, we have learned and improved our skills over time as well and we want to put them to use creating even better examples for you to learn from. We want to raise the bar.


We have some great things in store for you in the coming months and beyond. We recently released Unreal Match 3, a complete mobile game made with Unreal Engine 4. We will continue to improve and update Unreal Match 3 but we also plan to create other new samples to show you how to use the latest features as well as help you learn the techniques we use to get the most out of the engine.

In order to make room for this new content, starting next week we are going to be sending a few of the existing samples out to pasture. They will ride off into the sunset knowing they have served you well and that they paved the way for the great things that are to come.

The first round of samples we will be removing are:

  • Memory Game
  • Blackjack
  • Swing Ninja
  • Tappy Chicken


We don't want to leave anyone high and dry, though; even though these samples will no longer be available on the Learn tab, they will still be available to download on the Unreal Engine Wiki. We will no longer be updating or supporting them, but we encourage you, the Unreal Engine community, to take up that torch. We would love to see them continue to live on in your capable hands.

We have great things in store for the Learn tab so keep an eye out for new content, improved layout and navigation, and more!

The Learning Resources Team

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