August 1, 2018

Free Paragon Assets Get an Update

By Amanda Bott

During GDC 2018, Epic Games released over 20 AAA-quality characters and more than 1,500 environment components from Paragon to the development community for free. Today, we’ve updated all the character assets currently available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace to include animation Blueprints, making it even easier to implement and utilize these characters.

To demonstrate how to get started with these characters, Lead Animator Jay Hosfelt joined the Unreal Engine Livestream for a series dedicated to work in animation Blueprints. Over the course of the livestreams, he walked through retargeting animations, adding a strafe locomotion system and blendspaces, utilizing sync markers, creating additive animation and more!

More character assets, with their animation Blueprints, will become available in the future.

Download the Paragon assets at and get started today!