Free Factory Environment Collection now available

By Amanda Schade |
August 28, 2020
ArtCore Studios was founded by digital artists and games fans Kirill Sibiriakov and Denys Rutkovsky. They’ve supported art production for acclaimed titles such as Crysis 2, Crysis 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Homefront Revolution, and Batman Arkham Knight. 
In collaboration with ArtCore Studios, Epic Games is excited to bring even more free resources to all Unreal Engine creators! Ramp up production on your next project with this brand new Factory Environment Collection—the industrial pack features all the advanced machinery, vehicles, props, and fine refreshments you’d expect to find in any modern large-scale manufacturing center.
Assemble your new environment with over 850 meshes with LODs and collision, more than 430 materials, and 700-plus textures! And then, put the whole factory in motion with:
  • A controllable drone
  • Drivable forklifts
  • Animating robotic arms
  • Functional conveyor belts
  • And interactive machinery!
"We wanted to have a lot of variety within one setting and also make the scale feel big,” said ArtCore Studios co-founder Denys Rutkovskyi. “We tried to include as many common factory and industrial assets as possible to make this collection useful for a wider audience, even beyond industrial environments."

Take a full tour of the facility and download Factory Environment Collection to get started!
Check out our featured monthly content for even more free resources and explore ArtCore Studios’ work on their website.

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