Image courtesy of Pure Polygons

Free Downtown West Environment Collection now available

By Amanda Schade |
January 14, 2021
Environment artist and Unreal Engine Marketplace creator PurePolygons is a solo dev studio dedicated to creating high-end video game assets, including support for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and Sunset Overdrive.
Stroll into city planning with the latest free environment collection on the Unreal Engine MarketplaceDowntown West. Released in collaboration with PurePolygons, Epic Games brings easy modular city creation, complete with shops, signage, and snack stands to all creators.

Lay the groundwork for your next bustling city center with maximum flexibility, using over 350 modular meshes and more than 800 materials and textures. Peruse the demo map to get a glimpse at everything that’s included:
  • Modular storefront facades
  • Urban landscaping and greenery
  • Outdoor seating, signage, and lighting
  • Lively water and foliage effects

“Downtown West is a Midwestern outdoor shopping mall, with hundreds of assets, textures, and easy-to-use modular construction pieces,” describes Jacob Norris, the artist behind PurePolygons. “All of the assets are created to the highest degree of quality and can be used on anything from games, movies, commercials—you name it and it’s ready for it!”
Start building your new urban plaza by downloading the Downtown West environment now—then expand your metropolis by pairing the already-free Modular Building Set from PurePolygons to add even more variety, or venture into lush, natural environments with their free Procedural Nature Pack Vol. 1.

    Downtown West Modular Set now available for free.