Free City Park Environment Collection now available

Creative studio SilverTM develops assets and scenes that have been used in leading AAA and indie games such as PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, CodeVein, Mordhau, and many more.

Wrapped up your shift with the free Factory Environment? Epic Games has now partnered with Unreal Engine Marketplace creator and creative studio SilverTM to bring an expansive 200 acre urban park to all Unreal Engine creators for free. The City Park Environment Collection contains everything you’d expect in a large outdoor environment, from winding walking trails to fun-filled playgrounds and quiet greens for the perfect picnic.  

Features include:
  • Hiking trails, paths, and foliage 
  • Water features and effects for lakes and ponds
  • Benches, bridges, statues, and fountains 
  • Food and vendor stalls
  • Playgrounds and picnic areas 
  • Sports fields and courts
  • Garbage and recycling bins
  • Skybox
“Our first package for the Marketplace focused on nature, and I wanted to try that again while raising the bar for quality. We were able to achieve that with this pack,” said SilverTM on the new pack. “Here, we’ve applied all our learnings to create a high quality and beautiful result that maintains optimal performance. I really think we put in our best effort. I hope that this pack can be used by a wide variety of developers to create their commercial and free projects.”

Use the free City Park Environment Collection to launch your next outdoor project, with over 500 meshes, 200 materials, and 300 textures today!  

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