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Free Automotive Bridge Environment now available on the Unreal Marketplace

By Senior Product Designer Russell Paul, Solutions Architect Florian Dirmhirn, and Technical Artist Marc Bouchard |
October 21, 2020
Deciding on the perfect environment to show off your latest vehicle design shouldn’t be some random act. The environment is a crucial part of telling a compelling story. Is it a vehicle for cross country trips through the mountains, a trip up the coast, or are you heading into the city for dinner and a Broadway show? Choosing the perfect time of day, the season, or the lighting direction are decisions that combine to create the imagery that will excite audiences and get them interested in your design. Epic understands finding the optimal background with the right combination of elements can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve designed our new Automotive Bridge Scene to help you assemble the perfect scene.
Copyrights: BMW AG
We have partnered with industry-leading production house Agency X Consulting, led by veterans Ludovico Marenzi, Carl Seibert, and Beau Cameron. A team with decades of experience creating automotive content from 3D data in broadcast, print, and interactive. It's now available on the Unreal Marketplace as a free download. 

The Automotive Bridge is not just another static scene; it's designed for customization. The modular sections of the bridge provide a foundation to craft unique compositions for each user's individual needs. For instance, if you need the roadway to gently arc away from the camera hugging the coast, just duplicate the curved length of the bridge, and your highway will wind its way into the distance. The straight section provides a clear path to head into the city or just to provide a longer length of road for images and video cruising down the highway. Combining the two sections can create the perfect length and shape for your needs. Once the roadway is perfect, artists can take advantage of the small details and set dressing that has been carefully placed within each section. The little details bring that extra touch of life and history to the bridge, like the subtle drip stains on the walls and the weeds that always seem to find a crack to grow in. The wall lights, benches, and road signs are all available for you. The details are split out so they can be customized, turned off or on, and duplicated or repositioned to give your environment just the right amount of background elements.
Use your favorite HDR environment to quickly alter the mood of the scene. Image courtesy of Epic Games, HDR courtesy of HDR Haven Caption.
The independent curved and straight sections of the bridge can easily be reconfigured into different paths. Image courtesy of Epic Games, HDR courtesy of HDR Haven Caption.
Adding in your favorite HDR is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of customizability. You can adjust the materials and add key lighting to create the perfect splash of light. Imagine your vehicle is driving up Highway 1 after a light rain; you can add puddles and adjust the atmosphere. You can also change the HDR to account for a mountain scene or perhaps a nighttime city backdrop. The possibilities are endless.
The Automotive Bridge scene is also meant for more than just static images. The modular length of the bridge means you can create animated shots easily. Animate your vehicle by utilizing Sequencer. The new movie render queue is the perfect complement for outputting high-quality animation frames. The render queue can also be used to output high-resolution images that meet the demands of print media.
The Automotive Bridge Scene is now available for free on the Unreal Marketplace. 

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