Five Unreal Engine learning topics unpacked

June 25, 2020
With so many creative avenues to explore, you may be wondering how to get started with Unreal Engine. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some learning resources for key areas you might be interested in.

Created by industry-veteran journalist Ian Failes for his online magazine befores & afters, these explainer guides will enable you to get to grips with different aspects of the engine.

Whether you’re a complete Unreal Engine beginner or just curious about exploring something new, there’s something here for you!

How do I bring content into Unreal Engine?

Datasmith is a collection of tools and plugins in Unreal Engine that help you import content. These can save you hours, if not days, bringing data into the engine. 

Explore what Datasmith does and how to start using it in this video guide. 

A video guide to Unreal Engine’s Sequencer

Sequencer is a multi-track editor that enables you to create and preview cinematic sequences in real time. If you’re creating interactive content, it provides a powerful way to bring it all together.

In this video guide, you’ll get a look at how to create, edit, and preview your real-time scenes in Sequencer.

How to get started with real-time ray tracing

For anyone striving to achieve photorealistic visuals in a game engine, real-time ray tracing is a game changer. In this video, you’ll learn what real-time ray tracing is, and unlock the first steps to trying it out.

Get to know destruction effects in Unreal Engine

Many of the most memorable movie scenes involve things being blown up or destroyed. Think the final battle in Avengers: Endgame or Godzilla smashing up skyscrapers.  

Those types of effects are achievable in Unreal Engine using the Chaos physics system and modular particle effects editor Niagara. Want to find out how to create explosions, smoke, dust, and debris? Take a look. 

Virtual production and the future of storytelling

Virtual production is becoming ever more important in the moviemaking process, whether it’s to help filmmakers pitch their latest idea to producers or to enable directors to plan out shots before filming begins.

Find out more about using Unreal Engine for virtual production in this video. 

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