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February Marketplace Sale preview: over 1,500 products—now 50% off

Another month, another batch of 3D savings! This month, we've got over 1,500 Marketplace products on sale for 50% off.

Instead of trying to distill all that down into a single post, we wanted to run through a few products that jumped out at us.

This sale has systems, props, characters, environments, effects, sounds, music, Blueprints, and more— so start exploring today. You might discover the perfect fit for your next project.

We hope you find something great!

Pirate town | Korboleev

Unreal Engine Marketplace Feb 2023 Pirate Town
Just say it, “pirate town.” Aren’t you already getting ideas? Well, with 16 buildings and 54 objects, you can start following those instincts any time you want, me hearties!

A Huge Animation Bundle | Infectedfury

Unreal Engine Marketplace Feb 2023 Animation Bundle
You get, count ‘em, 12 animation packs with this one. Sitting, posing, fighting, taunts—why reinvent the wheel when you can just get your characters to do what you want?

Nanite Foliage | MYTHRA TECH

Unreal Engine Marketplace Feb 2023 Nanite Foliage 4
Use the power of Nanite to spread massive amounts of foliage without weighing down your scenes. You can do it, Green Machine.

Elemental Character Auras VFX Pack | Erolddkc Products

Unreal Engine Marketplace Feb 2023 Elemental
What says “you picked the wrong one” better than a magic field that suddenly wraps around your body? Give your characters the magic touch today.

Desert Gas Station | Joakim Stigsson

Unreal Engine Marketplace Feb 2023 Gas Station
An immaculate desert sunset, the tension of a last-chance fill-up, a salvation stop for someone on the run. You know how these things work. Now, you can put a famous set piece to use!

Mesh Clustering Placement | RomanSmirnov

Unreal Engine Marketplace Feb 2023 Mesh Clustering
Some things need to go together in perfect harmony. But who wants to do that manually? Get this and you’ll never have to do it again (*whispers* unless you want to).

Ores and Minerals - ICONS | KDRN' asset market

Unreal Engine Marketplace Feb 2023 Ores Minerals
Do they power a super suit? Do you get extra points for finding them? The purpose belongs to you, but they sure look amazing.

Vintage Mansion Environment Kit | ArtcoreStudios

Unreal Engine Marketplace Feb 2023 Header
A ghost definitely lives here. Or will if you get involved! Suit up for the supernatural, mysteries, and more with a hyper-realistic kit that even comes with its own demo level.

Mega Metal Material Pack | BhztAts

Unreal Engine Marketplace Feb 2023 Material Pack
“Mega Metal” might sound like a killer music festival, but it’s actually a massive pack to make your hard surfaces even more realistic. Scroll through 89 options (all 4K) until you find the one you want.

That’s it for now, and as always, remember to act quickly. The discounts end on February 26 at 11:59 EST.

Happy shopping!

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