Featured free Unreal Marketplace content—May 2023

Thanks to a partnership with creators on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, we make a select amount of content free to the Unreal community each month. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or programmer, you’ll find useful resources available to download at no extra cost.

Check out this month’s selection below!

May’s featured free content:

Creating Portal To Another Reality | Zegi.Assets

Unreal Engine Free Marketplace May 2023 Portal
Easily implement a portal system into your games for added puzzle variety, deeper world building, and some unique features for multiplayers!

Low Poly Viking World | PolyArt3D

Unreal Engine Free Marketplace May 2023 Feed
With more than 1,000 detailed models including houses, vegetation, weapons, and particle systems, these assets will save precious time so you can get to creating that next epic Norse tale.


Unreal Engine Free Marketplace May 2023 Mansion
Need a spooky interior for your next project? This Victorian-inspired mansion creates an eerie vibe using nearly 200 assets, a drag-and-drop object inspect Blueprint system, and loads of other details.

Advanced Photo Mode | AleeZL

Unreal Engine Free Marketplace May 2023 Photo
Add a photo mode to your game, so early adopters can share their experiences and start spreading the word! This tool also includes mouse, keyboard, and controller support for a variety of snapping options.

Blink and Dash VFX | pelengami

Unreal Engine Free Marketplace May 2023 Vfx
Who doesn’t want to leave a fireball in their quick-footed dust? Add a bit of magic to your character movements with 10 unique blink and dash effects.

Like always, remember to grab this month’s content fast—it’s only free until the end of May!

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