Featured free Unreal Marketplace content—February 2024

February 6, 2024
It’s that time again—February’s free 3D assets are here. Dive in and explore these useful resources available to download at no extra cost, brought to you thanks to a partnership with the talented creators on the Unreal Engine Marketplace
Give your players the power to build worlds as a team using this replicated Blueprint-based system. There's a range of handy features to get your teeth into, including functionality to spawn and use objects, zoom in and out on items, rotate objects, auto-snap items onto surfaces, and more. The system can be used in singleplayer and multiplayer modes.
You’ll dig this stylized fantasy mine, which comes complete with corridors, tools, and crystals, and features fire and flying particle FX, modular mine tunnels, customizable crystals, and more. Offering plenty to explore, the pack comes with 65 unique meshes, 99 textures, and 12 materials, and all assets come with collisions, LODs, and lightmaps. Grab your torch and come on in. 
Conjure up a spellbinding scene with this fantasy interior environment pack that includes 182 high-quality assets. It comes with an example level showcasing how all the pieces can be put together—or simply take what you need to augment your own existing scenes. With up to four LODs and custom collisions, everything included is fully game-ready for use in your projects. 
Quickly and easily bring Steam stats and achievements into your game using Blueprints with this plugin. It comes with one level, two Blueprints, and eight C++ classes, and features functionality to upload, download, and display user in-game data from the Steam servers.
Take it back to the 90s with these retro animated CRT TV and VCR effects. There’s a multitude of options to pique your interest in this pack, including general effects like Chromatic, Distance, and Emissive, plus scanline, signal quality, and VCR effects, and many more. Tune in and find the perfect retro TV material and post-process effects for your scene. 
Remember to grab this month’s content fast—it’s only free until the end of February! And don’t forget—you can always see the latest featured free Marketplace offerings on the Unreal Engine sponsored content page

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