Featured free Unreal Marketplace content—December 2023

Modular Victorian House | ZhenyaChistovsky
December 5, 2023
Thanks to a partnership with creators on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, we make a select amount of content free to the UE community each month. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or programmer, you’ll find useful resources available to download at no extra cost.

Check out this month’s selection below.
It’s great to get back to nature. Walk among the trees and feel the wind whip through the leaves with this collection. This set of 50 meshes will help you easily create a beautiful, stylized forest. There’s also a tool to generate landscapes so you can have the perfect canvas on which to paint your new, calming environment. 
Making a quaint Victorian abode will be “elementary” with this modular house. The set has a fully modular environment, a number of high-quality furniture and decoration assets, and lighting for day or night scenes. Easily create game-ready levels to bring your horror or detective games to life. 
With winter well on the way, you might want to take a break in a warmer clime. This collection invites you to create a lush Greek island on the seaside. It includes a number of homes, an ancient temple, and small props for decoration. The island comes with procedural foliage and an ocean Blueprint to really bring the Greek coast to life. 
If you’re building a fighting game, this might be just the thing you’re looking for. This Blueprint will add a combo input buffering system to your project, enabling a player to send an input before the last one is executed. Take your fighting game from novice to master with unlimited inputs, combo branches, and an included melee weapon system. 
A city is nothing without its people. This plugin will help you build huge, optimized crowd systems in your project, with each member of the crowd reacting to your game world. A behavior tree enables you to customize NPC reactions, and hundreds of AI characters can be on screen at once while retaining high frame rates. It’s perfect for bringing any city scene to life. 
Remember to grab this month’s content fast—it’s only free until the end of December! And don’t forget—you can always see the latest featured free Marketplace offerings on the Unreal Engine sponsored content page

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