Featured free Unreal Engine Marketplace content—July 2024

July 2, 2024
It’s that time again—July’s free Unreal Engine Marketplace content is here! Courtesy of our talented creators, we’re able to make a select amount of content free to the UE community each month. 

This month’s haul of goodies has plenty to pique your interest, including everything from VFX and environments to characters and gameplay system. Dive in and check it out.
With lush forests, imposing sea cliffs, and sweeping sandy bays, this spectacular environment pack has everything you need to transport players to the Mediterranean coast. It comes with five spawners for procedurally generating large rock formations, cliffs, olive trees, pine trees, and stones, as well as a Landscape paint layer that can be used to quickly and easily paint areas to populate with procedural foliage.
Set up AI and player characters the easy way. This comprehensive pack of more than 250 Blueprints includes a variety of attack types from weapons to magic, together with item inventories; dynamic cameras for attacking, blocking, and locking on target; a pick up/drop items system, and more. Use a simple table system to set everything up—no programming required. 
This huge bundle of magic VFX will have you under its spell, with 61 betwitching effects that include magic auras, shields, and explosions, comprising 38 master materials, 124 material instances, 18 textures, and three unique meshes. Everything has been fully optimized for ease of use. Customize anything you wish using the adjustable parameters to make them your own. Shazam! 
Create a variety of beautiful low-poly landscapes with this bundle of stylized environment assets. From vibrant forests and grassy savannahs to desert canyons and fertile oases, there’s a whole range of terrains to explore, each packed with options for trees, rocks, bushes, rivers, foliage, and more.
In this business of creating virtual worlds? You won’t want to miss this. The World Director NPC - PRO plugin enables you to simultaneously create and manage thousands of pawns in a game. Simulate entire cities—or even entire worlds—of NPCs going about their business.
Remember to grab this month’s content fast—it’s only free until the end of July! And don’t forget—you can always see the latest featured free Marketplace offerings on the Unreal Engine sponsored content page.

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