Featured free Unreal Engine Marketplace content—March 2024

Thanks to a partnership with creators on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, we make a select amount of content free to the UE community each month. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or programmer, you’ll find useful resources available to download at no extra cost.

Check out this month’s selection below!
Party like it’s 1499 with this high-quality medieval town. Get set up in minutes with a fully modular workflow and an extensive library of assets including a small town center, houses, and even a tavern. This pack comes with interior and exterior props as well as foliage and useful Blueprints.
Greenfingered? Dig into this bumper asset pack of farming plants, props, and a greenhouse, planters, and fields—perfect for creating a realistic farm-themed game. Adjust the color tones of each plant using the smart material system and use the wind system to simulate the wind’s effect on your fields of crops. This pack comes with 301 meshes, 134 materials/material instances, and 200 textures.
Want to give players the opportunity to purchase new skins, weapons, characters, maps, and more in game? Use this plugin to enable downloadable content (DTC) and microtransactions (MTX) in your game for Steam and the Epic Games Store (EGS). It comes with three Blueprints, one C++ class, and in-game overlay support for both Steam and EGS.
Step into the ancient world with this pack of highly detailed primitive characters that includes a man, woman, child, grandfather, and grandmother. Each character has a slight facial morph and comes with two rigs—one for use in UE4 and one for use in UE5. The pack also includes a number of Stone Age weapons.
Create your own renovation game with tools and features that adapt to your simulator. Whether you want to renovate, create, or modify an environment, it’s all possible with this package of 43 editable Blueprints and 51 Materials.
Remember to grab this month’s content fast—it’s only free until the end of March! And don’t forget—you can always see the latest featured free Marketplace offerings on the Unreal Engine sponsored content page.

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