Featured free Marketplace content - December 2020

By Amanda Schade |
December 1, 2020
In an ongoing partnership with Unreal Engine Marketplace creators, select content is available for free to the Unreal community each month, giving artists, designers, and programmers access to additional resources at no extra cost.

December’s featured free content:

200+ Grunge Decals | TextureMax

News UESC NOV2020 BLOG01
Looking to add details to your scene? This mossy, concrete solution features over 200 decals with variable parameters, proving once and for all it’s not just a phase!

Blockout Tools Plugin | Dmitry Karpukhin

News UESC NOV2020 BLOG02
With easy-to-use scale and transform controls, this toolset will remove blockers from your level design workflow to help you quickly create new experiences.

Modular Swimming Pool Megapack | Switchboard Studios

News UESC NOV2020 BLOG03
Synchronize your dreams with your scenes—take the dive with this modular megapack, including hundreds of props and meshes to pool your resources.

Realistic Forest Pack | DigitalTris

News UESC NOV2020 BLOG04
Missing something to make your scenes perfectly pine and dandy? Spruce them up with high-quality maps, grass, flowers, rocks and more in this realistic forest pack.

Teleportation and Portal | HighRender

News UESC NOV2020 BLOG05
Transport your characters through time and space with ready-to-go portals, including flashy materialization effects!

New permanently free content:

Power IK | Power Animated

News UESC NOV2020 BLOG06
     Keep your characters grounded on even the most treacherous terrain with this full-body IK solver.

Snag all of this month’s content to help build your own unique worlds and experiences—they’re free until the end of the December!

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