Featured free Marketplace content - October 2020

By Amanda Schade |
October 6, 2020
In an ongoing partnership with Unreal Engine Marketplace creators, select content is available for free to the Unreal community each month, giving artists, designers, and programmers access to additional resources at no extra cost.

October’s featured free content

Cemetery - VOL. 1 | Dekogon Studios

News UESC SEP2020 BLOG15
Commemorate the scary season and plot out your scenes with these high-quality graveyard assets, ready for haunting!

Destruction System | Michal Orzelek

Quickly set up interactive destruction with physics support and break, shatter, and smash through your scenes with this 100% Blueprint-based system.

Gothic Knight | TalkingDrums 

Prepare for battle with a fully customizable set of Medieval knights—mix and match to create unique combinations or select from ready-to-go presets.

GR Customizable Female 01 | Gustavo Rios

Add a range of new characters to your project with a high-quality customizable female character set—unique clothing options, accessories, and styles included!

Immersive Dark Ambient Music Pack | W.O.W Sound

Steep your projects in ambience and immerse your audience with six spooky soundscapes, just in time for Halloween!

Medieval Docks | PolyPixel

Fill your shorelines with over 200 ferry impressive modular assets, featuring building elements, vegetation, tileable terrain textures, and more!

Modular Fantasy House | Next Level 3D

They say that home is where the hearth is, and with this pack you can customize your character’s abodes with more than 130 modular house pieces and props.

Plants Pack | Erhan Yilmaz

Liven up your landscapes with unbeleaf-ably lush, low-poly wild grass and flowers, with added wind controls!

Polar Sci-Fi Facility | Julio Juarez

Populate your rugged icy tundras with modular sci-fi facilities, set against a grand mountain range.

Talent (Skill) Tree Builder | Quick and Easy

Help your players grow using this Blueprint-based talent and skill tree system—modify character attributes, unlock items, and more!

New permanently free content:

City Park Environment Collection | SilverTm

Featuring over 200 acres of urban city park assets, with winding walking trails, fun-filled playgrounds and quiet greens for the perfect picnic.  

Factory Environment Collection | Denys Rutkovskyi 

Take your projects off the assembly line and finalize your environments with hundreds of factory-themed meshes, materials and textures.

Indoor Shooting Range | PaleFace

A fully-functional sporting facility with scoring targets, a retrieval system, and customizable colors.

LAVIFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle | Offworld Defence Simulations

A fully driveable, multiplayer-ready Infantry Fighting Vehicle equipped with rigged tracks, working hatches, effects, and more! 
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