December 1, 2018

Featured free Marketplace content - December 2018

By Amanda Bott

In partnership with Unreal Engine Marketplace creators, each month select content will be available for free to the UE4 community to give artists, designers and programmers even more resources at no additional cost.

Check out the new content available this month!

December’s featured free content:

Dialogue Plugin - CodeSpartan

A robust plugin with a custom node-based editor for dialogue creation

Interior Toolkit - Arthur Dark

An interactive toolkit of over 300 assets to build beautiful interior scenes

Modular Cliffs - CGMontreal

A package of assets to build gorgeous seaside or inland rock faces

Poly Art Wolf - MalberS Animations

A pack of beautiful low-poly wolf assets with over 100 animations

Toolshed/Garage Props Vol. 1 - Dekogon Studios

A collection of tools and equipment to adorn your scenes

New permanently free content:

Advanced Cel Shader Lite by Skull

A cel shader with over 40 controls and 10 styles

Free Fantasy Weapon Sample Pack by Prop Garden LLC

A selection of weapons perfect for medieval or fantasy settings

MCO Mocap Basics by Mocap Online

A collection of mocap animations, including idles, talking, and general movement

Grab the monthly selection while it’s still available and visit us in January for a fresh batch of free content!

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