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Featured free Marketplace content - August 2021

In an ongoing partnership with Unreal Engine Marketplace creators, select content is available for free to the Unreal community each month, giving artists, designers, and programmers access to additional resources at no extra cost.

Check out this month’s great selection below!

August’s featured free content:

Advance Female Customization | Hero's Journey

Body Free Marketplace Aug 2021 Female Customization
From ninjas to medieval maidens, generate 10,000 unique female characters with this tool from Hero’s Journey. Customization options are available for faces, clothing, hairstyles, and more. All characters come fully rigged and are compatible with Unreal Engine’s Mannequin skeleton for easy animation.

Ingame Level Editor | F1rstContent

Body Free Marketplace Aug 2021 Level Editor
Don’t know how to make Blueprints? No problem. Create levels fast with this F1rstContent editor. Enjoy built-in options for terrain, foliage, and lighting; as well as optimizations that ensure a high FPS can be maintained—even with thousands of objects in frame.

Luos's Eight elements | Luos

Body Free Marketplace Aug 2021 Eight Elements
Turn natural elements into your character’s secret weapon. With this new effects pack, they’ll be able to attack or defend with fire, ice, water, wind, lightning, and more. Each effect also comes with optimized textures, materials, and meshes, as well as three LODs, detail modes, and particle system significance levels, so integration is a snap.

Modular Sci Fi Office | Ruslan Nazirov

Body Free Marketplace Aug 2021 SciFi Office
Even in the future, you'll still have to work, so why not download this futuristic sci-fi office and get modular architecture, a rich tiled material library, and advanced master materials for your futuristic scenes?

Root Motion Guide | JU SIK LEE

Body Free Marketplace Aug 2021 Motion Guide
From a dedicated climbing system to having your character high-five others as they walk past them, Root Motion Guide will help you animate more effectively as you blend root motion and Mixamo animation into your game.

And like always, remember to grab this month’s content fast—it’s only free until the end of August!

August’s permanently free content:

Landscape Pro 2.0 Auto-Generated Material | STF3d

Body Free Marketplace Aug 2021 Landscape
Stop pining for amazing environments. Get Landscape Pro 2.0 and create optimized landscapes with high-quality trees, mountains, lakes, and even moving foliage that will instantly bring your world to life.

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