August 1, 2019

Featured free Marketplace content - August 2019

By Amanda Bott

In partnership with Unreal Engine Marketplace creators, select content will be available for free to the Unreal community each month to give artists, designers, and programmers access to even more resources at no additional cost.

See this month’s great selection below!

August’s featured free content:

Dynamic Combat System - Magic | Grzegorz Szewczyk  

An energetic, third-person, magic combat Blueprint system for zoom/motion, equipment, inventory, dodging, and dynamic targeting — 80 animations included!

Environment Set | NatureManufacture

A large library of foliage for the creation of beautiful forest, grassland, meadow, and mountain landscapes

Footsteps Sounds with Blueprint Setup | Bartosz Kamol Kaminski

A collection of realistic audio samples for authentic footsteps, rattles, and grunts for bipedal characters, complete with samples for 11 different floor types

Generic NPC Anim Pack | Siarhei Chekolian

Over 60 natural mocap animations for NPC characters, including stretches, bows, idles, smithing, sneezes, and more

Survivor Vision - Advanced Outline, Fill and Tagging System | Dapper Raptor Development

A versatile, post-processing VFX system that highlights both characters and objects, adding a layer of visual direction to guide players 

New permanently free content:

Craft Resources Icons | Rexard

Jazz up your menus with this collection of over 200 beautifully hand-drawn icons

Isometric - Interiors | PolyArt3D

Create fun and cartoony low-poly houses using over 200 stylish props and environment assets

More free content will be listed in September, but you’ll want to grab this month’s products before time runs out. Download today and don’t miss your chance!

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