Exploring virtual production and real-time filmmaking on The Pulse

September 10, 2020
This month on The Pulse, we look at the dramatic explosion in real-time filmmaking and virtual production that is opening up new narrative opportunities and facilitating final pixels in camera. 

We explore how production and post are merging at the start of the filmmaking pipeline, with trailblazing pioneers finding new ways of creating and managing content. 

And we reveal the challenges and payoffs production team members can anticipate as they transition to this brave new world.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch the replay below.

Virtual Production: The Transition to Real-Time Filmmaking is hosted by Mike Seymour, Co-Founder of fxguide and Director of the Motus Research Lab. Mike is joined by Sam Nicholson, ASC, CEO and Founder of Stargate Studios; Felix Jorge, CEO and Creative Director at Happy Mushroom; and Matt Madden, currently Director of Virtual Production at Epic Games.
These battle-hardened veterans boast a slew of credits on projects spanning the decades from Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Lord of the Rings trilogy to The Mandalorian.

The panel members discuss how real-time virtual production has changed the art and craft of filmmaking, enabling key creatives to influence set and lighting design from the outset as they’re able to employ techniques like virtual scouting, virtual pre-lights, and virtual blocking.

They look at how the same final-quality assets can be reused from previs to post, and even in marketing and triple-A games, engendering huge time and cost savings.

And they examine the human impact, as teams adjust to evolving workflows and increased decision-making on set—requiring new skills and challenging established mindsets, while at the same time introducing a renewed sense of enthusiasm and excitement.

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