Exploring next-gen gaming on The Pulse

This month on The Pulse, we look at the impact next-gen technology will have on the games industry. A shift is happening already, where advances in technology mean indie teams can produce the kinds of quality games that compete with AAA studios, and developers are able to engage with their player communities in ways they’d never imagined. 

When you hear “next-gen,” you might think it’s all about the consoles—but there’s more in play here. Cross-platform publishing, cloud streaming, crowdfunding campaigns, connected experiences, and tools like Unreal Engine are empowering creators like never before.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch the replay below.

The Next-Gen Gaming Revolution is hosted by Brian Crecente, a longtime journalist for the games industry. Brian is joined by Zak Parrish from Epic Games, and seasoned developers Gwen Frey from Chump Squad and Mike Grier of Ember Lab.
The panel discusses next-gen technology and what it means for the future of game development and gameplay. We also hear from the creators themselves about their upcoming titles Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Lab Rat.

The panel discusses a range of topics, including the wide variety of indie games that are now available, thanks to accessible-to-all tools and training; the relationship between new console tech and cross-platform development; migration from UE4 to UE5; and the future of the gaming landscape. The discussion wraps up with advice for new developers working on their first games.

With developers having unprecedented access to professional tools and high-quality assets, more games are being created faster than ever before. And with Unreal Engine 5 on the horizon, this evolution will only accelerate, pushing the boundaries of visualization for both photoreal and stylized games.

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