Explore the Old West with these free Unreal Engine assets

Take a trip back in time to the rough-and-ready lumber town of Northwood, USA. Thanks to the Epic Online Learning Team, the Old West Learning Project is now available to download for free. Yeehaw! This special gift—which includes seven packs of high-quality assets and a beginner-based tutorial—is for everyone in the Unreal Engine community, but will be especially useful for anyone that wants to build up their skills.  

Featuring 4K textures and Lumen support for Unreal Engine 5.0 and later, each asset was created with realistic AAA-quality visuals in mind. The Old West packs come with nearly 400 meshes, all optimized for games, and include everything you need to set your scene from rustic wagons to cans of condensed milk.

The Old West packs include:
  • Volume 1: Interior Furniture
  • Volume 2: Tradesmen Tools and Props
  • Volume 3: Travel Supplies and Goods
  • Volume 4: Goods and Supplies
  • Volume 5: Town Props
  • Volume 6: Town and Industrial
  • Volume 7: Foliage
Once you have all of the assets in hand, be sure to run through the Epic Online Learning Team’s helpful tutorial, which shows beginners how they can begin approaching the engine using the Old West project as a guide. You can also see a scene fly-through in our recently aired livestream, where we talk about how we made it and give you some ideas for how it might help your own journey.

    Download the Old West Learning Project

    Seven free 3D assets packs are yours for the taking. Learn to use Unreal Engine with the help of AAA-quality Wild West assets today!