Explore in-camera VFX and real-time cinematics with free Unreal Online Learning courses

Do you want to get started with virtual cinematography or in-camera VFX? Or maybe you want to take your environment art skills to the next level. Whatever your experience, there’s something for you in this month’s free Unreal Online Learning courses.

Intro to In-Camera

Curious why in-camera VFX has seen such a surge in recent years? In this tutorial series, you’ll discover the expanded options and improved workflows ICVFX brings to productions.

Get an A+ on Your C++ 

Speed up your C++ workflow. In this course, you’ll learn how to use data assets and tables in Unreal Engine to automate processes and improve flexibility in development.

Create Real-Time Cinematics

Produce cinematic shots in Unreal Engine with the Cine Camera Actor tool. This course gives you the theory and technical tools needed to mimic the properties of a real-world, high-end camera.

Elevate Your Environments

Take your environment art skills to the next level. This course is designed to help intermediate artists discover new tactics and bring their A-game to projects and teams.

Master the MetaHuman

Learn how to transpose facial movement from traditional video sources—including video files, image sequences, or a live camera video feed—to MetaHumans using Faceware Studio.

The Future of Fashion

Go behind the scenes with Burberry, The Fabricant, and more to learn how you can create your own digital fashion experiences.
That’s it for now. And as a reminder, we add new courses to the Unreal Online Learning portal every month. All of them free, and many related to in-demand skills that can get you work or advance your career across a growing number of industries.

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