Explore four new Fortnite Creative lesson plans for teachers

“Know your audience” isn’t just a great filter, it’s a wonderful teaching tool. When you speak to someone’s interests, you hold their attention. Now you can do that using one of the most popular games in the world. 

With our new Fortnite Creative lesson plans, students can learn foundational concepts in an active game space. From science experiments to design thinking, each ISTE-approved lesson is dynamic and designed to get students thinking outside the box. They are also all free, easy-to-use, and designed by actual educators.

Explore our latest batch below.

The Scientific Method With Fortnite

What keeps video games grounded in reality? Physics! In this course, students will design and conduct physics experiments using objects in Fortnite Creative. They’ll test which objects react most accurately to impact relative to mass, respond best to gravity, and more, before comparing findings with real-world results.

Collision Decision with Fortnite Creative

Bash objects together, learn Newton’s laws of motion. In this lesson, students can do it all within Fortnite Creative, as they determine how close in-game physics get to their real-life counterparts.

Create an Escape Room in Fortnite Creative

This lesson introduces students to the iterative design process as they build their own interactive escape room. While creating the puzzle, students will see how powerful peer testing and feedback can be in influencing a design.

Build a Wonder of the World in Fortnite Creative

Don’t just show students pictures of The Great Wall of China or The Colosseum. Have them build a replica they can walk through. This plan sees students construct an accurate wonder of the world in Fortnite, learning about its history, size, location and purpose along the way.

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