Legendary moments at PlayStation Experience 2015

By Dana Cowley

If PlayStation Experience is any indication, 2016 will be a prolific year for our friends at PlayStation. As developers, we came away inspired by what our peers are making, and as players, we can't wait try it all.

What's more, it's hard to put into words what it felt like to close out the PSX keynote. Here's a round-up of our defining moments of the show.


We're thrilled to confirm that Epic's new MOBA, Paragon, is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC. Watch the announcement trailer and gameplay first look:

We also completed the first livestream about rendering features and character design in Paragon:

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix revealed Unreal Engine 4-powered gameplay for Final Fantasy VII Remake, the long-awaited reboot of their hallmark game.

This trailer shows off the environments and combat, which look amazing.

EVE: Valkyrie

We lightheartedly gave CCP Games the 'Longest Line of PSX' award, as throngs of people queued around the booth's perimeter for the duration of the show. 

Watch the new EVE: Valkyrie alpha gameplay trailer here:

There are too many glowing previews (like this one) to count. Congrats, CCP!

Ace Combat 7

A wonderful surprise reveal from Bandai Namco during the PSX keynote, Ace Combat 7 is coming to PS4 with PlayStation VR features, and it is built with UE4. 

World War Toons

Another highly anticipated game for PlayStation VR, World War Toons was playable at the show.

It's fantastic to see how much progress the guys at Reload have made over the past year! The visuals are on point, as always, and the controls feel good. The new King of the Hill-style mission is loads of fun, and you should definitely check out this trailer if you haven't done so already.

Street Fighter V

Capcom had a thunderous presence for Street Fighter V at PSX.

F.A.N.G., a brand new addition to the series, has been revealed, alongside other characters of Street Fighter fame.


Winner of the "Everything Is Awesome" Unreal E3 Award by VentureBeat, Giant Squid held their first public hands-on showing of ABZÛ at PSX, much to fans' delight.

What Remains of Edith Finch

Also playable on the show floor was Giant Sparrow's beautiful What Remains of Edith Finch. We ran into a couple of guys on the team. :)

Rocket League

Drafting off of their win for Best Indie Game at The Game Awards, where they also announced their runaway hit is coming to Xbox One, Psyonix previewed the new Chaos Run DLC for Rocket League at PSX.


Did we mention that Double Fine is now a part of the Unreal family? :-D

The team is building Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin for PlayStation VR, which you can get a glimpse of here:

They're making Psychonauts 2 with UE4 as well. It's almost funded! We are so getting behind this.


It's always a pleasure running into Gearbox. Players stormed their Battleborn experience at PSX.


Another cool reveal for PlayStation VR is the beautifully intriguing Golem from Highwire Games.

This team is fun is follow on Twitter, and I promise I'm not just saying that because they gave us a nice shout out.

Shadow of the Beast

Heavy Spectrum is gaining steam with Shadow of the Beast. It was great to see the game playable and people having a blast with it at PSX.

Stories: The Path of Destinies

The team at Spearhead Games are at it again! Their talent and creativity has been a constant over the years, first with Tiny Brains, then with Arena: Cyber Evolution (ACE), and now with Stories: The Path to Destinies. Stories is an action RPG that unfolds in an enchanted storybook setting.

Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interactive was mobbed as folks (including Epic) inched in to get closer to the carnage of Killing Floor 2:

Strike Vector EX

Ragequit Corporation were there to demo their fully-loaded aerial combat game, Strike Vector EX, which just keeps getting bigger and better:

XING: The Land Beyond

A bright light at any show, the trio behind White Lotus Interactive were there showing off XING: The Land Beyond on PS4.

Last, but certainly not least

There were even more awesome Unreal games to be played at PSX, including Life Is Strange, Hardware: Rivals, Loading Human, Dungeon Defenders II and others that we didn't get to see.

Thank you to our peers, partners and friends for your great company at PSX.

If we didn't get to see you in San Francisco, hopefully our paths will cross soon.

We wish you all a lovely holiday and a successful 2016.

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