October 31, 2019

Epic releases $4 million of Infinity Blade assets and renews featured free Unreal Engine Marketplace content

By Dana Cowley

Over the past five years, the Unreal Engine Marketplace has become a thriving epicenter for creators who are building assets, tools, and plugins to accelerate the production of high-quality 3D games and experiences. 

A year ago, we launched a free Marketplace content initiative that brings new complimentary content to the Unreal Engine community monthly, with some assets free for a month and others free on a permanent basis. 

We’re happy to share that more than 400,000 Unreal Engine developers have taken advantage of these offerings, with more than 8 million downloads of featured free content to date.

In addition to renewing the program for another year, we’re celebrating this milestone with the release of five new asset packs from the award-winning Infinity Blade franchise, valued at $4 million in development investment. Along with seven previously released Infinity Blade packs, these free Infinity Blade assets are now available for use in Unreal Engine projects, for free, permanently.

Going forward, new featured free Marketplace content will be released on the first Tuesday of every month, and the catalog of permanently free assets will also continue to grow.

Lastly, mark your calendars for the Creator Appreciation Event, a special sale launching on Tuesday, November 5 in recognition of alumni who have contributed to the free content program in its first year. 

Sincere thanks to everyone who has been a part of the Marketplace community so far! Are you building great content, code, Blueprints, or tools that you would like to share with others? Find out how to sell your assets and get in touch with us.