October 28, 2015

Epic MegaJam Winners Announced

By Alexander Paschall

When planning for the one-year anniversary for our monthly Unreal Engine game jams, we could have never predicted that the turnout would have been so huge! Over 450 developers dove into UE4 and successfully created over 170 games in a week, competing for prizes or casually exercising their skills. 

Judging has never been so difficult, as we saw numerous fantastic games submitted for the Epic MegaJam by all types of developers from all over the world. We’re continually amazed at the talent found in the Unreal Engine community. 

Our thanks goes out to all the people who poured their hearts into these fantastic games and to all of the sponsors who helped make this jam extra special:

Allegorithmic - SpeedTreeSideFX - NVIDIA 

Without further ado, here are your winners

Addiction Award
Midnight Mall Race by Sleepless Meatbags V2.0

Philosophy Award
Omnitron by Handkor

Eye Candy Award 
Guardians by Blazing Badger

Allegorithmic's Picks
(R)evolution Jumpers by Digital Hussars
Sir Isaac Fruiton by Impromptu Pub Giants
Guardians by Blazing Badger

SpeedTree Drawing
Tony Kihlberg (Hologram Monster)
Rubén Garcia (The Five Fingers)
Jonathan Lambert (Team Lambert)

NVIDIA Shield Drawing
Kasey Polk (Team Gryffindor)
Jan Myburg (Arhaikos Studio)
Austin Ward (AdamVR)
Frank DiCola (Yoshgunn)
Scott Baker (Team Caffeinated)

Gear VR Drawing
Ramon Huiskamp (Sparkle Pony)

UE4 Growler Drawing
Tamas Szucs (Op Ninja Games)

David Sánchez Rivera (Flash and Pizazz)

Autographed NVIDIA Titan X
Krzysztof Heldt (Fireline Games)

Congratulations again to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who participated. Watch us announce the results on the livestream archive here.

We will see you next month when we kick off the next #ue4jam. Keep an eye on the Unreal Engine forums for the announcement!

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