September 14, 2015

Epic MegaJam Announced!

By Alexander Paschall

The Unreal Engine team is celebrating one whole year of monthly game jams this October by hosting the Epic MegaJam, our largest-scale #ue4jam to date! Bigger rewards, more award categories, participation perks, and partner sponsored swag are all in store this time around, so if you've been on the fence about jamming with us, now's the time to dive in. New prizes and partners are yet to be announced, so keep a close eye on the forum page for information on the partners and new prizes.

The dedication and talent of the Unreal community is overwhelmingly apparent in the hundreds of games that have been created in these events. Over the past year, we have seen all kinds of titles made in just a few days, from beautifully stylized games like ESCAPE THE WELL! and Rock, Paper, Bird! all the way to intense competitive games like Thunderblade

Also, Micheal Allar will be guest judging and presenting the winning games along with Chance Ivey and myself on the October 22 livestream where all valid entries will be shown in a highlight video. There's nothing to lose and a lot to gain, so come join the jam!