Epic Games and GamesBeat launch E3 Awards

By Dana Cowley

Epic Games and GamesBeat are joining forces to bring you the Unreal E3 Awards by GamesBeat, an awards program that recognizes outstanding games and VR experiences powered by Unreal.

Unreal E3 Awards by GamesBeat is spearheaded by GamesBeat reporters Dean Takahashi and Dale North, with awards distributed to developers and publishers during E3, and a full rundown appearing on GamesBeat.com.

“Epic’s Unreal Engine has become the gold standard with many game developers, powering games as diverse as Street Fighter V to the VR experience of EVE: Valkyrie,” said Dale North, senior editor, GamesBeat. “By showcasing all the amazing new games running on the technology, we’ll be delivering unique content that our audience will love.”

To be eligible for an award, a demo must be created with the Unreal Engine and make an appearance during E3 2015. There are multiple categories within the awards program, including honors for special achievements in graphics, physics and narrative, as well as unique VR accolades.

In addition, our friends at NVIDIA are donating their brand new GTX 980 Ti 4K gaming graphics card to each of the award recipients.

“The goal of this awards program is to work with GamesBeat to recognize the talented, hardworking, creative developers and publishers pushing the boundaries with our tech,” said Ray Davis, general manager of Unreal Engine, Epic Games. “We’re celebrating all the different types of projects being made with Unreal, from independent projects to VR experiences and big budget games.”

While there is no formal submission process for the awards, you can get on our radar ahead of time if you like by sending an email to E32015@unrealengine.com. Best of luck to everyone prepping for the show. See you soon in LA!


360 Degrees of Amazing: Pushing VR forward.
All the Feels: Best emotional experience in a game.
Everything Is Awesome: It just feels good.
Eye Candy: Best in class graphics.
I Like the Way You Move: Great use of physics.
Love at First Sight: Best new IP.
Raddest Explosions: Fire! Fire! Fiiiiireeee!
That’s Unreal!? The least-expected game to use Unreal.
Through the Looking Glass: Awesome new VR experience.
Unreal Underdog: The small team that shows up in a big way.
Watercooler Moment: That one E3 thing that everyone will be talking about.


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