December 2, 2011

Epic Games Releases November 2011 Unreal Development Kit Beta

By Unreal Engine

Epic Games, Inc. has released the November 2011 UDK Beta, the latest version of the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), the free edition of Unreal Engine 3 that provides access to the award-winning toolset used in blockbuster video games, 3D visualizations, digital films and more. The latest beta is available now at

UDK Showcase: Waves

This month’s showcase features the breakout indie game developed by Squid in a Box, which delivers addictive gameplay peppered with a confetti of striking visuals. To celebrate the arena shooter’s launch on Steam, we sat down with CEO Robert Hale to talk about his years spent making games and the decision to go with UDK. Read more.

We have showcases of some of the most outstanding UDK projects at and Also be sure to check out the Works in Progress and the Released Projectsforums.

November UDK Beta Upgrade Notes

Scaleform 4 Upgrade

  • Vastly improved rendering integration with multithreaded renderer
  • Added Action Script 3 support. Action Script 2 is still supported.
  • Includes CLIK 3.0 (Lightweight Interface Kit)
  • Major improvements to the AMP profiler
  • Updated UDN documentation

Unreal Landscape and Foliage

  • Landscape flatten tool tool is enhanced with a flatten to slope option
  • New Clay Brush makes sculpting of landscape vertex data much quicker and easier
  • Foliage scale axis locking allows for variable Z scale but uniform XY scale, plus z-offset settings
  • New reimport Heightmap / layer button for each layer
  • Updated Unreal Landscape documentation with info on new layer nodes
  • Updated foliage documentation with info on new features
  • Foliage now follows base component on copy/paste/move/rotate/move-to-level
  • Much improved brush painting behavior for both vertex and layers in regular (non-clay) mode. Repainting the same area no longer causes artifacts
  • Changed the regular paint tool behavior so that painting over the same area requires multiple brush strokes. The functionality is now consistent with Zbrush and prevent artifacts


  • You can now export skeletal meshes and animations from the editor, enabling bi-directional cinematic workflow
  • Added the ability to adjust sound class volume levels from a matinee track
  • The content browser’s ‘Packages’ view now returns to previously active view (hierarchical or flattened) when filter is cleared
  • Added support for turning off startup movies and toggling cinematic mode for matinee movie captures


  • High level Twitter UnrealScript-accessible support has been added
    • You can now show the iOS 5 Tweet UI and optionally attach a local .png image and/or a URL, making use of the single-sign-on Twitter account(s) in iOS 5
    • You can also submit a generic Twitter request (i.e., get the local user’s followers)
    • Implemented for iOS 5
  • Added ADPCM sound encoding support

Mac OS X feature parity work

  • Additions and upgrades
    • Added support for “Maximize” button
    • Added full support for vertex texture fetch
    • Minor PhysX library update, addressing some rare crashes, and adding “quickload” extension support
    • Support for loops and secondary color attribute during shader generation
  • Fixed issues
    • Instanced drawing now on full parity with PC
    • Light shafts now render properly and have full visual parity with PC
    • Full-screen rendering and MSAA
    • Inconsistent lens flares compared to PC
    • Inconsistencies with anisotropic filtering between PC and Mac
    • Shadows from spotlight on dynamic / skeletal meshes

New and Updated UDN Pages





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