Epic Games Releases Bullet Train for Free on Oculus

By Dana Cowley

To celebrate today’s launch of Oculus Touch, we're pleased to announce that our flagship VR demo, Bullet Train, is now available for free through the Oculus Store.

Built from the ground up for VR using Unreal Engine 4, Bullet Train is the spiritual predecessor to Epic’s forthcoming Robo Recall, a fully-featured game for Oculus Touch on Rift to be released for free in early 2017.

Unveiled at Oculus Connect 2 in September 2015, Bullet Train puts you in the role of an agent undergoing an infiltration simulation set in a modern day train station. Once you learn how to wield an array of weapons you move on to proving your skills against enemy hordes.

Dodging bullets and teleporting throughout the map is easy thanks to intuitive controls, and combat is fast and satisfying, making Bullet Train a must-play experience for Oculus Touch.

As for Robo Recall, yesterday we released the first developer diary in a new docuseries, in case you missed it. Here's a preview of what's to come.

Remember, all of the engine features we built for Bullet Train have long been in the hands of Unreal developers, and we're making Robo Recall you, too.

Have you tried out the new forward renderer with MSAA support we shipped in 4.14? Let us know in the VR forums! Any feedback is welcome.

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