Epic Games Announces New Unreal Dev Grant Winners

By Chance Ivey

We're really pleased to reveal the next round of Unreal Dev Grant recipients. In this round-up are a range of awesome Unreal Engine projects that just so happen to be built by teams of three or less people. Read on for details.



Consight - Consight is a real-time architectural visualization viewer that gives users control over scenes through an iPad interface. It's being built by three recent college graduates from the University of Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. Thilo Seifert and his colleagues are receiving $15,000 to help bring the product to market. View their thesis project site here.



Nelo by Magic and Mirrors - Created by Kevin BryantMichelle Morger and Kevin Greenlee, Nelo looks and feels like a game built by a much larger team. The third-person action game is packed with cool visuals, fast combat and unexpected experiences. Nelo was on the GDC expo floor in the Unreal Engine booth. Magic and Mirrors is receiving a grant for $20,000. Visit the website for details.

Planet Alpha 31

Planet Alpha 31

Planet Alpha 31 by Adrian Lazar - Developed only by Adrian Lazar and a contract sound designer, Planet Alpha 31 is a beautiful game that was in the top running to be on the floor with Epic at GDC. Adrian has been updating a forum thread that's shown all of his progress over the last nine months. Adrian is receiving a grant of $15,000. To find out more about Planet Alpha 31, visit the website.

The first three recipients of Unreal Dev Grants were announced on March 5 live at GDC, and can be viewed here.

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