Enhanced storytelling with real-time animation on The Pulse

This month on The Pulse, we talk about how real-time animation pipelines lead to increased collaboration and better storytelling.

If you missed the live broadcast of The Pulse, you can watch the replay below.

Real-time Animation: Unlocking Story and Style, is hosted by Dan Sarto of Animation World Network. Dan is joined by David Prescott of DNEG Animation, Jason Chen of BRON Digital, Kevin Dart of Chromosphere, and Karen Dufilho of Epic Games.
On this episode of The Pulse, the panel discusses how real-time animation pipelines have unlocked the route to better storytelling in their own projects.

By moving from linear, siloed roles to non-linear collaboration and iteration, their artists can instantly see results, give feedback, and try different scenarios long before the final cut. Due to the workflow’s agile nature, styles and stories that were previously impossible are now within reach. And as a bonus, a real-time workflow naturally leads to transmedia assets for multiple platforms.

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