Empowering Users Early And Often

By Jonathan Taylor

Games have gotten the hint. Helping a player understand how a feature works early and letting them feel powerful when using it is great way to get people hooked. When it’s done well they can see the potential, they understand what they are going to be able to work toward, and they can tell that there is a path of progression. It leaves them thinking ‘things only get better from here!’ A lot of tools (even those made for making games) haven’t quite gotten this down.

When we figured out what we wanted to do with UE4 it became an important goal to make sure a new user feels the power the engine allows, and can immediately see the potential that the Unreal Engine represents. With this goal in mind we have built tools that make you powerful even at entry level, and our tutorials guide you in your rapid progression to true power user status.

From the way Blueprints work, to the redesign of our UI and user workflows, to the focus on improving a user’s moment to moment experience, we have been doing our best to chip away at any barriers we see between you and what you want to create.

We feel like we have a good start, but you guys are the most critical element to our iterative improvement process. We want to hear what you think. 

Drop us a line on our forums and let us know what we are doing that makes you feel like a super hero, and what bits still need some work.

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