August 31, 2018

Early Access and Experimental Features Added to UE Documentation

By Melanie Nickdel

In an effort to further inform and empower UE developers, Early Access and Experimental Features are now accessible in Unreal Engine 4 Documentation. These newly added sections make it easier for Unreal Engine devs to differentiate between features that are strictly for testing and experimenting, and features that can be used for shipping projects.

Early Access features are currently in the developmental stage, on the way to production-ready. With Early Access features, backward compatibility is supported for assets and the API is fairly stable. Since Epic Games may alter functionality of these features at its discretion, shipping projects that use these features is not recommended.

Experimental features are still in flux and not ready to use for shipping projects. Backward compatibility is not supported for assets and the API features are all subject to change. For Experimental features, functionality may be removed at Epic Games’  discretion.

While neither of these types of features should be used for shipping projects, any feature added to these sections is great for exploring brand new content and workflows in UE4. By testing these features early on, you can get ahead of the learning curve and provide feedback to UE4 developers before the features are released. 

To check out Early Access and Experimental features, visit the Documentation page.