Don’t Miss the Second Product Design Visualization Webinar with Chris Murray and Craig Barr

By Ken Pimentel

Join our visualization specialists Chris Murray and Craig Barr on October 19 for the second of four free webinars focusing on the use of Unreal Engine for product design. You can register for the webinar here.


Using assets from various CAD systems, Chris and Craig will illustrate how Unreal Engine brings the power of real- time visualization and interactivity to product design workflows for all disciplines. In this webinar the focus will be on:

  • How to visualize CAD data in a real-time environment
  • Considerations for preparing data for Unreal Engine
  • Exporting and importing workflows for CAD to Unreal Engine
  • Tips for geometry and texture preparation for Unreal Engine

Interested in attending the free online webinar? Register now!

Find out more about Unreal Datasmith and join the beta here

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