Diffing Blueprints

By Mike Beach

In an earlier post, we discussed asset diffing in Unreal Engine 4, but only briefly covered our tool specifically for diffing blueprints. We’re back today with a tutorial video designed to further explain the Blueprint diff tool.

As a refresher:  “diffing” is where two files get compared side by side. The differences between the two files are highlighted for you, making them easy to spot. Without diffing, tracking down bugs and dissecting features can be a headache (especially with large, complex files).

Traditionally, diffed files are textual. However, with blueprints, a textual representation would not be especially helpful. That’s why we crafted our own blueprint diff tool. With it, every edit (nodes moved/added/removed, connections made or broken, pin values modified, etc...) is listed for you to see.*

The following video shows off the tool, and explains how to use it.

Thanks for checking it out! If you have any questions, be sure to swing by the forums and let us hear your thoughts!

* Note: In 4.0.1, the list of differences has the direction ‘sense’ flipped (e.g., it will say “Removed Node” when a node was added).  This has already been fixed for future releases.

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