DevGAMM: Development Adventures in Moscow

By Sergey Galyonkin

We've just returned from our very first trip to Moscow for DevGAMM and, boy, what a conference! It was great to meet so many talented developers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other nearby countries. It was also nice to see a lot of great projects being developed with Unreal Engine.


Most people in the audience at Andy Hess' presentation "Introduction to Unreal" had previous experience with the engine. The room was packed!


It was quite hard to select the best game made in Unreal Engine for Games Jam Kanobu. In the end, the prize (and three Nvidia Shields) went to Creach: The Depleted World from Fractal Face. 


We also had Bullet Train VR demo coupled with the Oculus Touch countrollers and powered by insanely cool looking Vortex PC from MSI. Almost every person that had tried the demo came away impressed with both visual fidelity of Unreal Engine-powered demo and the sheer potential of VR technology.



VR was a big part of DevGAMM. Local startup ARena showcased an augmented-reality immersive experience powered by Unreal Engine that allows people to take on the role of ancient Russian warrior and fight your friend with actual (toy) swords. It was as real as it gets, especially after Andy managed to win every single game by hitting me in the chest.


Overall, we are excited for developers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries and can't wait to see what they can create next with the power of Unreal Engine. See you at the next DevGAMM!

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