Deployable, modular flight simulator at I/ITSEC: industry reacts to Antoinette Project

Earlier this year, Epic Games introduced the Antoinette Project, a new set of resources that includes tutorials, tools, and a proof-of-concept flight simulator running on Unreal Engine.

One of the project’s banner features is a Metrea Simulations flight simulator demo, built on Varjo HMD and Brunner NovaSim technology. For the past few months, the industry has been getting its first look, seeing just how powerful game engines can be when used for pilot training. Those who experienced the demo spoke of the level of realism and immersion they experienced, and others keeping an eye on industry trends saw the merit in using small-footprint, easily deployable training systems that were not only affordable, but built on open worlds and readily available tools.
The visuals in the flight simulator that I just experienced were unmatched. It really felt like I was inside of that airplane. And when I took the goggles off, there wasn't any negative transfer. It went from real life to real life, and didn't miss a beat at all.
- Mattie Bohanan, Certified Flight Instructor, Auburn University
What I saw today was vastly superior in terms of the smoothness, and in terms of the level of detail.
- Jamie Starr, Deputy Head of Flight Training, ATR
The digital transformation that's taking place requires an enormous amount of training. If we can reduce that footprint—not just the physical footprint, but the resources that are required, then that's going to be a good thing. So I see simulation, in 5-10 years' time, being an integral part of the individual and collective training.
- Angus Macgregor-Millar, General Manager | World Wide Defence & Intelligence, Microsoft
We invite you to see the demo in action, and hear the industry comments firsthand from those who were there, in a series of videos about trends in the field of simulation.

To further advance simulation training with Unreal Engine, we’re also excited to announce the latest tool available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace, the BRUNNER 6DOF Motion Platform Interface. This plugin connects the platform to any software and sends the motion data via UDP packages.

If you’re going to the I/ITSEC conference in Orlando, FL this year, we invite you to visit us at Booth #1815 and experience the realism and immersion of the Antoinette Project demo in person. And be sure to check out our event page for more details about our demonstrations and presentations at the show, and stories from our partners.

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    To find out just what a game engine can do for your simulation training needs, come and visit us at I/ITSEC Booth #1815. If you’d like to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals for simulation, get in touch to start that conversation.