July 17, 2018

Create Your Own Voxel-Based World With the PixARK Dev Kit

By Chance Ivey

Snail Games has released the PixARK Dev Kit today, giving creators wide access to PixARK’s library of assets so they can build their own custom content for the game. With full Steam Workshop integration, the PixARK Dev Kit has everything needed to build and distribute experiences of all kinds for the PixARK community along with a few surprises for ARK enthusiasts!
PixARK_Launcher.PNGAccess tens of thousands of assets seen in the game to build your own worlds or import custom meshes, materials, textures and audio into the toolset to make experiences like never seen in the world of PixARK.

Grab the PixARK Dev Kit from the Epic Games launcher to get started creating new content of all sorts for the game, which is available now on Steam, and head over to the official PixARK Wiki for more information about the game and editor tools. You can also find other creators and share your projects in development over on the PixARK modding forums.