Unreal Engine 4.19 Preview 1 Now Available

The first preview for Unreal Engine 4.19 is now available for download on the Epic Games launcher. Get it now and see what new features are in store for you!

Significant Changes Coming To VR Resolution Settings in 4.19

We’re adding a new cvar in 4.19 to control panel resolution for Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) Virtuality Reality (VR) projects and moving away from referencing Screen Percentage. Here’s what you need to know.

Google Poly API Announced, Poly Toolkit SDK for Unreal Released

Poly Toolkit for Unreal Engine allows apps to interact directly with Poly to search, download and import objects dynamically across desktop, mobile, virtual reality and augmented reality.

The Story Behind Moving with Your Feet in VR Mode

The 3dRudder VR motion controller can be used to navigate scenes in VR Mode with your feet, leaving your hands free to select, customize, or move objects. Here is how the integration was done.

Getting Started with Google Blocks and Unreal Engine

Jarlan Perez outlines his experience working with Google to build a new two-week project in Google Blocks.

Abyssal OS Helps Fuel Your Gas Tank From Beneath the Waves

A successful startup in the oil and gas industry, Abyssal are the creators and suppliers of a real-time oil field monitoring solution that allows global offshore oil services to manage their fleet from anywhere on the planet.

To Saturn! Exploring New Frontiers in VR: An Impossible Wish Inspires an Epic Journey for Astronaut Zayden Wright

Zayden Wright is the first astronaut to land on Saturn. While it sounds impossible, the seven-year-old space explorer and Georgia native “blasted off” to Saturn in VR thanks to the Georgia chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and TRICK 3D.

Epic Games Teams with NVIDIA to Deliver Enterprise-Grade Platform for Virtual Reality Application Developers

Unreal Engine 4 with NVIDIA Quadro brings proven reliability and performance to manufacturers, designers, content creators.

Rewind & The BBC - Creating an Out-of-This-World Experience

As a joint collaboration between the BBC and digital production studio Rewind, BBC Home: a VR Spacewalk is a truly award-winning project.

Epic Games Goes to GitHub Universe

Epic Games is heading to GitHub Universe! Find out what you can expect to see and how to catch up with us at the show.

Epic Games Heads to Oculus Connect 4

Oculus Connect 4 is right around the corner, and our team will be there to give talks, answer technical questions and connect with the VR development community. Here’s what attendees can expect at the show.

OC4 Unreal Developer Highlight: Future Lighthouse

Roberto Romero Perez, CTO at Future Lighthouse, discusses the upcoming "Building Global Communities" panel at OC4 while delivering insight into the  Unreal Engine-powered storytelling experience MELITA.

Music Fans Experience an Epic Journey with The Chainsmokers Paris.VR

Getting Lost In Music with Unreal Engine.

Epic’s Nick Whiting Headlines Speaker Lineup for VRTGO Conference

Attendees will hear from our Technical Director for VR and AR on what Epic has learned about players, technology, physiology, and psychology through creating Robo Recall, our first-person action game for Oculus Touch.

Epic and Unreal at SIGGRAPH 2017

An exciting mix of demonstrations highlighted Unreal’s impact on real-time production, animated entertainment, AR and VR.

Turning Linear Content into Interactive Experiences at the SIGGRAPH 2017 VR Film Jam

Meet the teams who turned their beautiful linear animated content into interactive VR experiences during SIGGRAPH 2017.

Making Michelangelo’s David in VR for SIGGRAPH 2017

Epic’s’ Lead Technical Animator Chris Evans discusses the process of bringing one of the world’s most recognized pieces of art into virtual reality.

Soluis Group & Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group - Building RED in UE4

Using UE and their Immersive Reality Portal, Soluis Group have created an astonishing look and feel for the new Radisson RED hotel in Brussels. Witness where real ends, and Unreal begins.

Develop for VR on macOS High Sierra with Early Access Support in Unreal Engine

Epic Games has released early access support in Unreal Engine for developing VR projects on macOS High Sierra. Here’s how to get your hands on this first look at the integration.

AR And VR For The Rest of Us

At WWDC 2017, Apple revealed VR on Mac with a Star Wars demo using Unreal Editor's VR Mode. Apple then introduced AR on iOS with an Unreal-powered showing from Peter Jackson's Wingnut AR. Read on for early access details!

Robo Recall Localized and Released for Korean, German, French and Spanish Players

A new update to Robo Recall, Epic’s action-packed first-person shooter for Oculus Touch, has today been released for the Oculus Store in Korea, Germany, France and Spain.

Major Update for Robo Recall Released!

Today we’re pleased to release a new update for Robo Recall that brings 360 degree tracking and quite a few improvements to the game.

UE4 Devs Take Center Stage in the Powered by Unreal Engine Zone at EGX Rezzed

Developers creating games with Unreal Engine have taken full advantage of the funding we put aside to double their exhibition space at Rezzed and we are excited to announce the wonderful games that will be on show!


IKinema LiveAction and Unreal Engine: A Powerful Duo for Live Virtual Experiences

IKinema's Siobhán Hofma explains how LiveAction and Unreal Engine deliver the ultimate high-five for creators in the virtual field.